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What is Aromachology?

It's a well known fact that certain smells influence our state of mind and that our sense of smell plays an extremely important role in our levels of happiness as well as our feelings of well-being.

Aromachology examines the relationship and influence of scents on human behaviour, feelings and emotions and helps uncover which scents have a real impact on you, what the therapeutic aspect of this impact is and how to use this impact to improve your well-being. Aromachology also includes all the physical benefits associated with aromatherapy but without the constraints and limitations of certain oils. 

Certain smells may trigger an olfactory flashback or a feeling/memory unique to you, giving you the feeling of positivity , and impacting your life and surroundings.

Using Aromachology, HUMOS can develop a bespoke range of therapeutic treatments and products that you respond to both psychologically and physiologically.

This response could be recalling a fond childhood memory or a loved one past, improving the mind for a better night’s sleep or improve the overall energy and feeling of openness within your home.