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HUMOS Aromachology

The Aromachology Consultation

The foundation of all our Aromachology services and products

The Aromachology Consultation forms the basis for all of our Aromachology products and services and explores your relationship with various odours and scents, how these odours and scents affect and benefit  you physically and mentally and how to leverage these effects through various products, mediums and services with the aim of achieving your goals. 

Upon completion, you will be presented with 3 custom blended samples to take home to try and you will have a greater understanding as to why certain odours and scents impact you the way in which they do. 

Your initial consultation lasts approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours. 

On your follow-up consultation, you and your aromachologist will explore which of the sample blends from your initial consultation affects you the most and to what extent. You may discover that more than one blend has had an impact, and that different blends have greater impacts at different times throughout the day and each may work in harmony rather than separately, 

Your aromachologist will also discuss which products or treatments would be a better fit for what you are looking to achieve with your unique blends. 


  • Initial Consultation
  • £ 165
  • Your initial consultation lasts approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours.

    This initial consultation includes 3 custom blended samples to take home to try .

  • Initial follow-up consultation
  • £ FREE
  • Your Initial follow-up consultation will build on your initial consultation and does not include any samples.

    This follow-up appointment will be discussed and booked at the end of your initial consultation.

  • Additional follow-up consultations
  • £ Varies
  • Pricing varies for additional follow-up consultations, please contact us for pricing.
  • Sample modifications
  • £ 50
  • There is a £50 charge associated with any modifications to the sample blends provided during your initial consultation.