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therapeutic fragrances by HUMOS

Aromachology Discovery Package


Aromachology is not just about smell but rather it is about the psychological and physiological benefits this truly unique wellness treatment can offer. The best way to understand Aromachology is to experience it first hand.

With our Aromachology Discovery Package you’ll explore what oils, scents and smells you positively react to through a introductory consultation where one of our Aromachologists will discuss your scent and life experiences, what you would like to achieve from your discovery and what specific smells and scents positively trigger you.

The beauty of Aromachology is that each individual person has their own reaction; How an orange smells to you may affect someone else more or less intensely. Our in-house aromachologists will work to harness positive reactions to smell and use these reactions to benefit you both psychologically and physiologically.

Following your introductory consultation, your Aromachologists will craft a unique blend for you using what they uncovered through the consultation before formulating this blend into a body oil to take home and use as directed, a pulse roller perfume to use throughout the day.

You’ll then enjoy a customised full-body massage from a choice of treatments recommended by your Aromachologist that incorporates your unique blend within the massage medium.

Package includes:

  • Introductory consultation and blending.
  • 60 minute customised massage incorporating your unique blend.
  • 30ml body oil for use at home.
  • 10ml Pulse Roller for use at home.

This Aromachology discovery page costs £275 per person and lasts between 2.5 and 3 hours.